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Trans X Turkey is the name of the first Internet portal about and for transgender people in Turkey.
It has been developed from trans* perspective and will be realized by trans* people.

We use the spelling form trans* to communicate any variability and any identity of gender expression.

Our target is to produce visibility for trans* in Turkey

  • to create interceding media
  • to show reality and society from a trans* perspective to all corners of the world.
  • to raise awareness and thinking about human rights and gender
  • to publish best practice models how to fight against assaults by the state and society
  • to encourage individuals who do not conform with the official gender roles
  • to inform, to educate and to entertain beyond stereotypes
  • a transfer of experience and networking in Turkish, European and www-context

We create

  • a community-driven, participatory website, Trans X Turkey
  • a feature length documentary, Trans X Istanbul
  • training on new media skills for trans*
  • training on advocacy and capacity building
  • recording, monitoring and publishing of trans* history and news
  • a traveling cinema tour throughout Turkey
  • national and international pressure against impunity of the so called hate crimes

We tell stories about

  • normal life with the facets of everyday life, philosophy, history, courage and humour
  • the ability to act spontaneously and humorously for the own dignity and rights
  • mechanisms of discrimination and violence, the intersection of violence by the state and social gender construction
  • manifestations and demonstrations, monitoring of trials, law campaigns on the issue of gender identity
  • the neighborhoods where trans* people live and the changes that come along with gentrification

This is not an oriental love song

The project activities are aiming on changing perspectives: Not society is going to support Trans*. But Trans* are the one who are developing civil society and offering new perspectives and potential to society. Within the last two years Trans* groups have started educational work for society, hosted panels, demonstrations and manifestations and have held lectures to students at universities.